Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter - C.199: Conference IIIFeb 21, 2023

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

C.199: Conference IIIFeb 21, 2023

Conference III

“Please everyone wait!, Please calm down! Don’t make such horrible faces… What is everyone thinking to have such faces? Every has misunderstood our prince intentions…”

Yuri screams with a loud voice.

Did Ed posture and eyes expression change even a bit, despite his fiance “desperate” thoughtfulness?

To have such an expression on such a scene… … It’s no wonder that only the feeling of giving up passed through the people.

“Let’s discuss properly! There is also Edward’s older brother, who surely knows how to help you! Please try to understand Ed, he doesn’t want this too..”

I wonder what message she’s trying to convey through this… telling us to understand to him… Yes, I really can’t understand.

“Because Edward’s older brother is not even here, Ed had to carry the weight of all this, his brother… is a delicate person … So … try to understand….”

“Yuri, you are too kind. If you compare us… As Yuri said, my older brother has been away from the front line for a long time, he couldn’t bear the pressure of being the first prince.. That is why I will rule this country on behalf of my older brother, I will protect the people. “

“If you really want to protect the people, Edward, there must be something that you could have done, even if not being a king, but you haven’t done anything from the start until now, only to ask the Duke of Almeria to do it for you.”

My uncle says to Ed coldly.

“Then, there is Yuri, the Baron’s daughter… This is not a playground for ladies such as yourself who doesn’t know anything of politics to intervene as you please. Is being considerate now running your mouth without any basis?”

For my uncle, Yuri was not someone of importance to even put it in sight.

“How can you say that! … horrible …!”

She shed tears.

“Count Anderson! Such words, how can you say that to my fiance…! The future queen!”

“Is it that terrible?” I muttered.

At my words, Ed is staring at me full of hatred.

“Oh please.. You have walked so far only to let us hear this impudent remarks… Why don’t you just make silence … you’ll be more useful that way…”

I was laughed at my nose…

“Even if the children alone, please help them, if it is possible to protect these children, whatever happens to me I accept it…” These words were heard when I checked the checkpoint….

They stuck to my ears, their voices…

“The voices of the people who came to my territory from other territories… We asked you to help the people, you so said that want to be king for the people, but until such sorrowful voices were heard from the people, what on earth did you do to help them …?! “

My voice is stained with anger.

“A considerable amount of goods were carried from our territory to the royal palace …. It has already been investigated, the goods were all retained by the aristocracy promoted to their positions by you, Edward. You didn’t do anything further than collecting the goods from my territory… The goods never reached the people… It is a cruel behavior not fit of a ruler to secure for yourself and abandon the people. “

“Well … I didn’t know! I didn’t know such a thing happened!”

“As Edward says, it is certain that someone is doing this to ruin us …!”

To Yuri’s cry and tears, Ed glares at me.

“Well, there is no proof that the Duchess Iris sent the goods in the first place, she is saying delusions to ruin our reputations!”

At those words, I sighed.

“…… Iris … It is useless to say any more.”

All the allies who were standing with me had the same reaction.

For any exchange of goods, there is a formal document. That document has the royals seal.

… In other words, there is definitive proof of the certain amount of goods delivered from the Duke of Almeria.

“We will end it here… Lets go…”

“Wait! If I leave this place like this, I’ll be assuming that what they said about my rebellion is true and that would let way for them to send the army …”

“Do not be afraid, the power of the royal family is not as strong as you think, in that case it will be over for them if you don’t leave your territory.”

A room that was in a kind of excited state quickly returns to a sudden silence.

… A person interrupted Edward’s words.

The people’s silence was inducted from their surprise at the fact that other man appeared from the door the royal family appeared before.

But more than anyone else here … I’m greatly surprised and upset.

Rather than caring about the fact that a person appeared from the exclusive door of the royal family …

… Why! Why it’s you!, I was astonished why he took such action.

… Why are you there! entering from that door…

In side my mind, I was shouting at him…