Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter - C.192: Dark timesFeb 21, 2023

Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter

C.192: Dark timesFeb 21, 2023

Dark times

Trouble took place in other areas, and this territory … the Duke Almeria’s territory also had its aftermath.

People who wish to move to this territory is constantly coming.

I wanted to see the immigration site once, I insisted against the opposition of everyone and went to the checkpoint in the west border.

…… I’ve got speechless.

“Please, let me in the Duke of Almeria’s territory! “

“Please, bless us. I have walked from far away up to here without having anything other than water ….”

“Please, accept these children even if they alone can enter… please help me. If it is possible to protect these children, whatever happens to me is good. “

“Take our children! “

A sharp scream was overflowing here and there.

Everybody cries out desperately as much as they can, they shout, cry, beg…

I desperately endured the urge to close my ears.

From that day on, I probably will not be able to sleep anymore.

Trying to sleep, the screams of those who wish to emigrate to this territory echoed in the back of my ear.

Every time, I read the documents…

…Do not run away. Don’t give up. Help them as much as you can. You must win. It tells me.

I skip instructions to minimize the confusion of the territory and accept as many migrant applicantions as possible.

Also I tried to mitigate the kingdom food shortage with the help of the Azuta Corporation.

Although there were no damage to the staff due to the disaster, the shop was still very busy during the confusion and couldn’t be opened.

Regardless of the stores in other territories, all stores temporarily handling food are closed.

It hurts me deep inside… But, it can not be helped.

Even though we say that we are on holidays, the lives of the people who work in the corporation are to be guaranteed, and also we are dealing with trying to preserve as much lives as possible from the population.

It seems that this pavilion is being called recently, the late night castle …

Everyone involved in the migration processes.. I cannot even begin to imagine the circumstances of the officials.

How long have you been unable to return home?

I asked an officer, but he laughed.

“Come on … What does it matter how long I’ve been here?. The last time I went back, I was scolded by my wife. Because Iris is in trouble, you do not have to worry about us. She is trying to protect us so you must help her… and so on. I was told to go back to bed and get back quickly to work. “

The policemen who were listening to it agreed while laughing as well “my house was the same” and ” at my house that happened too.”

When hearing their words, my feelings were of appreciation towards the families of the officers who have never seen my face and supported me so much.

At the same time, I was excited that I could help more people with their support.

From when did this start? (TL: meaning the support and trust others give her)

I do not remember anymore.

However, it does not matter.

… Do not run away. Do not lose. Don’t give up. You have a responsibility.

Surrounded by documents, holding my head I mutter.

Everyone believes and follows me.

It is the people that suffers the damage from the kingdom aristocracy actions.

I can not forgive. … that, unreasonable reality.

These documents one by one, will have a big effect on their lives… It can even take their lives… That’s why I also want to work for the future of this territory… as the people had entrusted their last hopes to the Duke of Almeria.

Therefore, there is no time to rest.